New Roofs & Repairs

M&R Roofing & Paving Experts Ltd provide the complete new roof package and can handle the whole project from start to finish, from the initial survey and design through to the sourcing of roofing materials and professional installation.

New Roofs

Your roof performs one of the most important functions in your home – keeping the weather out – unfortunately they don’t last forever and at some point it will need replacing, whether through storm damage or that it has simply reached the end of its life.

M&R Roofing & Paving Experts Ltd can replace your existing roof - and guarantee it for years to come.

Whatever the scale and type of new roofing you desire we can help...

  • Provide a fixed, written quotation to carry out the replacement/new roofing work
  • Carry out the work to the highest standard and at your convenience
  • Provide a written guarantee on all materials and workmanship

With over 20 years’ experience in new roof installation and roof replacement, M&R Roofing & Paving Experts Ltd can provide a wide range of roof tiles or slate to complement the existing style of your home or create a completely new look for your property.

Roof Repairs

Roofs can need repairing for all sorts of reasons, from severe exposure to the elements, prolonged general wear and tear, or even as a result of a poor repair from a previous contractor.

Emergency Roofing Repairs

After repairing roofs across South West London for over 20 years, M&R Roofing & Paving Experts Ltd has an excellent reputation for responding to your emergency roofing needs with work usually carried out within 24 hours.

Storm Damage

Strong winds and heavy rain can cause varying degrees of damage to your property’s roof. Whatever damage you have sustained as a result of a storm, M&R Roofing & Paving Experts Ltd can handle all the repairs, whether you simply need a few tiles replacing or a complete re-roof. Our experienced and professional roofers will carry out a swift but thorough inspection of your roof, provide you with a quote, and make the repairs as soon as possible.

Leaking Roofs

A leaking roof can cause internal damage to your property, decor and electrics. When water gets in it can generally leave the property feeling cold and damp with an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is important that leaks are found and repaired as soon as possible to avoid lasting internal damage to your property.

Fascias, Guttering and Soffits

Replacing UPVC fascias guttering & soffits to your home is a cost effective way to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home. We use quality UPVC products which are low maintenance, economical and long lasting.

Modern UPVC replacement fascia boards, soffit boards and guttering can all be easily replaced quickly and with little disruption. A choice of styles and colours are available to suit your property.

Guttering Maintenance

It is important to keep all guttering clear as it plays a vital role in the maintenance and protection of your home. Any build up of leaves and debris can result in roof damage, blockages and rainwater overflow increasing the risk of internal damp and mould growth. We can clear any guttering and downpipes and carry out any minor repairs to ensure your ‘rainwater system’ is working efficiently.

Chimney Work

As the highest point on your home chimneys are often exposed to high winds and heavy rain. Over time this can lead to damaged or cracked brickwork and chimney pots.

If the chimney is used for an active fire then any damage can reduce the effectiveness of the chimney and from the outside it can leave your property with a less than appealing exterior.

Worse still, a severely damaged chimney can affect the foundations of your home if left to deteriorate further.

Just like the houses they stand on, chimneys come in all shapes and sizes. M&R Roofing & Paving Experts Ltd is equipped to repair and rebuild most of them.

Chimney Stack Repointing

Our highly trained and experienced roofers can repair and replace damaged brickwork and reseal mortar to prevent damp and leaks.

Chimney Flashing

M&R Roofing & Paving are experts in all kinds of chimney flashing including lead, aluminium, or copper, steel and reshingling.

Chimney Flaunching

Our expert roofers can replace damaged cement mortar at the top of your chimney stack that holds your chimney pot in place and reseal or replace your flaunching.