Resin Bonded & Resin Bound Surfacing

We provide a complete resin bound and resin bonded installation service, working with you to ensure high standards.

What is the difference between Resin Bonded vs Resin Bound?

The words are very similar but, as they are two completely different resin systems it is essential you get it right. The Resin Bonded system is where resin is spread across the surface and loose stone is scattered on top. The other option is the Resin Bound system where resin and stone are mixed together first, and then trowelled down into place. This is standard terminology across all resin suppliers.

Our expert team can provide advice and guidance regarding the best system for your project. Contact us today to find out more.

Resin Bonded Surfacing & Paving

Resin bonded aggregate surfacing (or paving) systems have become very popular in recent years as people look for alternatives to asphalt (tarmac), concrete, block paving or loose gravel. A resin bonded surfacing system is also known colloquially as a 'coat and scatter' or a 'broadcast' system because of the technique of spreading the small sized aggregate dressing onto the wet resin surface, much like sowing (or 'broadcasting') seeds.

The method of applying resin bonded paving means that the finished surface has a somewhat rugous texture as the individual stone particles stand proud of the resin binder. Resin bonded aggregate surfacing has the appearance of a loose gravel driveway but with the aggregate anchored by the resin.

It is particularly suitable for use in prestige developments to give a luxury ‘feel’ and in conservation areas where harmony with the surrounding environment is important. The wide range of natural aggregate colours and shapes available offers the potential to introduce design elements into landscaping and refurbishment projects. Various types of aggregates are available including gravel, pea shingle, crushed stone such as granite, basalt, quartz and man-made aggregates such as calcined bauxite can also be used.

Resin Bound Surfacing

M&R Roofing & Paving specialise in all aspects of resin bound surfacing including resin bound driveways, patios, paths, tree pits, pool surrounds and much more. Resin bound surfacing is a permeable, eco-friendly, resin bound aggregate, which is quick becoming the most popular option for internal and external surfaces across private residential, commercial, public and education sectors. Resin bound surfacing allows water to pass through its outer layer, making it ideal for areas that have poor drainage, or for large areas, which are prone to flooding.

Resin bound surfacing is cost effective, non-slip, hard wearing, looks fantastic all year round and requires very little maintenance once laid. It is also resistant to cracking and can be used over the majority of existing, solid surfaces.

With a wealth of experience and an ever increasing amount of satisfied customers, we feel we are a leading company in resin bound surfacing industry in terms of product quality, professionalism and value for money.

We take an enormous amount of pride in the reputation we have built up over the years and as most of our business is generated by word of mouth from previous customers, we know we retain the quality of workmanship for each and every individual resin bound surfacing project carried out.

The benefits of resin bound surfacing include:

  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Aesthetically pleasing and catered to complement house style and environment
  • Wheelchair friendly, non-slip
  • Can be applied to existing, solid surfaces
  • Eco-friendly
  • Resistant to cracking
  • Cost effective